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Oh hai Newgrounds

2015-06-18 14:35:12 by Hoogiman

I haven't logged on to this fine site for five years.

Ah adolescence. 

A little nostalgia actually.

Enjoy this time, fellow Newgrounds lurkers. Make some friends on this site.

Also remember to go out and get some fresh air; it's just the internet.


2010-03-11 00:42:11 by Hoogiman

For those people who I've worked with and the few people who like my work, I can say I'm not going to be active at all on this site. This is my first... *anything* posted on this site for a month.

Basically I've left the site: I'm not going to do anything as a 'user' anymore for the moment, except for submitting stuff. I still owe the VA's and my own imagination another flash project, but that may take a while. I'll be a dump-and-run flash submitter.

And why? There's hundreds of reasons why, but mainly this place place is as far removed from being a place of joy as possible. The voting system gives no motivation to the creative and all credit to the mediocre.

I could ramble on forever but I won't. There's definitely good stuff here, but I'm not going to weed through this place for it.

Rant over, comment approval blah

Doppelganger Week

2010-02-12 01:36:58 by Hoogiman

Here's my first flash for 2010 guys, check it out! It's about doppelganger week?!

I have a knack for submitting my flash on days where it's going to get absolutely no exposure, but hope you guys like it!

If anyone actually reads this because it's not on the front page...


Male, EXPERIENCED voice over/voice actor needed now for within-hours turnover for flash animation that's a temporary distraction from my main project.

If you are a FEMALE voice actor, please PM me because I have some work for someone to do.


This role will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis to the first actor who fits the role.
You must have previous VA experience, you must have a reel or enough stuff that I can hear.
You will send the test line.
You will be able to record all of the lines within 24 hours, preferably as soon as possible.

You will be the announcer/voice over in a fake/parody ad, sound enthusiastic, sound like you're selling something.


Announcer (enthusiastically): Hey ugly girls, here's an opportunity to temporarily hide your physical insecurities!

Send the test line with your NG username to:

hoogiman <a t> gmail <dort> com


Voice Actors Needed! (gurl voic acturs too!)

2010-01-14 00:21:31 by Hoogiman


Hi, for my next flash (to be out in the next month) I need vooooice actors. It's done in the format of one of those instructional videos.

Please send (PM):
a) a demo reel or some sample of voice acting work, and
b) if you're interested in any of the parts, the test line. NGdump it if you don't have any space.

-Jock Guy
-Nerdy kid

Voices Needed:

-Presenter: A medium-pitched, enthusiastic, late-teen/early 20's sounding voice who sounds as if he's presenting a college ad or an infomercial

Line: "At Reid State, we are a highly tolerant community! (light chuckle) I just made friends with someone who listens to Nickelback! (with a snicker) ...Nickelback!"

-Girl: she's got a normal, not too high-pitched voice. She however does come off like a psycho. No check that, SHE IS A PSYCHO.

Line: "If you put that (shouting angrily with a dash of craziness) fucking camera in my face again, I will break this glass and slit your fucking throat. I am fucking sick of your shit."

-Teacher: sound as creepy as possible. it's a creepy teacher.

Line: "You know Johnny, I give really good backrubs."

-Jock Guy: stereotyped, throaty voice

Line: "Shut the fuck up, nerd!"

-Coach: stereotyped, overpassionate, throaty, military drill-instructor voice

Line: "Steve, for the last fucking time, we are not going to participate in your gay photoshoot!"

-Nerdy Kid

Line: "I dabble in the arts and I play halo every day after school."

By the way, all of these lines are fake. Brackets mean directions to be really clear. There's only a couple of lines a piece so it's not heavy work if you get the part.

You'll also give me full rights to the stuff you send me yadda yadda.

Also, I mightn't reply very quickly so uh... be warned!!!

merry frickin christmas

2009-12-24 10:18:43 by Hoogiman

It's 2:18 AM here in Australia, Christmas and I've been up since 7AM trying to finish my Christmas flash animation.

And the worst thing is I'm going away like, straight away tomorrow so I have to somehow squeeze in about two more hours' work to finish this cruddy animation.

Or should I not sleep and fall asleep at lunch?!

but yeah it's christmas bitches!


Voice Actors URGENTLY NEEDED for Video Game Parody Scene

2009-12-23 01:38:37 by Hoogiman

Hi guys

My Christmas animation is hopefully coming out tomorrow and as an extra scene I'm going to insert a horrible video game parody. (a parody of video game characerts)

I need people who can do great to decent to HORRIBLY ANNOYING impressions of the following characters... (you'll get about 1-2 lines)

King Dedede

Plus a kids' toy-ad like announcer and someone who sounds like they're in they're 20's (i.e. SOMEONE IN THEIR TWENTIES >:C) PM me instantly saying that you're interested, with msn preferrably attached.



2009-12-08 05:15:54 by Hoogiman

i would like to formally apologise for the last news post i made

newgrounds is the best site ever because of all of the stick fites and the sonick parodies

and i can't find a single fault in it at all

and i love all of the admins

especially wade fulp, wade fulp is the best administrator of all time and i think we should be angry at all of the ppl who hurt his feelings

: please don't hurt me wade

Remember When Stuff Got Blammed?

2009-12-07 08:18:47 by Hoogiman

Remember when passing the portal was the ultimate test of the flash artist's competency? Remember when spam passed the portal effortlessly, it was the biggest injustice in an animator's eyes? I have just looked back at some e-mails from more than four years ago, and I just counted: I submitted about eight things to the portal before my first flash passed, spanning many (not very successful or good) attempts over about eight months to get a flash through.

(if this is TLDR, head down to the bottom, indicated with a 'READ THIS')

It was the most exciting thrill of my young life, and I remember reading about ecstatic celebration from other flash artists when they got something past. Yes. Just getting something past the portal was a grand achievement, even if it passed with exactly 1.60. Passing the portal was something good.

I'd submitted quite a few times, but never really got that close. But as my skills progressed (learning such things as tweening :o), I suffered blam heartache. Twice.

The first heartache was for a collection of about four short animations (none of which were very good) that was worked on for about a couple of weeks (not intensively of course, but working an hour on a flash felt like A LONG AMOUNT OF TIME in year 8). I knew that maybe one of my animations wasn't good enough to pass, but perhaps three or four, all put together in one? I knew people enjoyed my flash animations: technically they were horrible but amongst the badly-tweened motion and the poorly drawn graphics there was something amusing. It fell short of the mark with 1.54. I was in complete, and utter disbelief.

One month later, I had another crack. This time it was around christmas. After submitting a flash which consisted of some 3/10 quality cartoon character, which ended with a screamer (or just loud 1930's music) did not please the viewers enough, falling agonisingly short with 1.58/5.00. This was the hardest I'd worked on a flash and this was the most well-drawn one.

After several months of discouragement and a lack of touching flash animation at all, I took another stab. I am a crap drawer and I am still a crap drawer and I've only recently gone back to learn how to animate properly, but this:

...took me much longer an amount of time than it really shows (like, about two days, WHOAOMFG). With a completely nonsensical, illogical narrative and riding on the popularity of the background music and a closing joke (it's quite a familiar type of joke), I prayed that this was the one that would let me pass.

I sat on the computer, pressing the refresh button every 10 seconds, looking at the voting progress with the exact score (yes, you could do that back in the day *old man chortle* and it was more terrifying than helpful). It started with 2.8 after 6 votes. After refreshing the submissions page nervously for all of my previous submissions, I'd have to say I never, ever had a score that high. I was ecstatic! But then, I got a couple of blams. I was down in 1.3, 1.4 territory. My heart raced.

This was also the day that there was a shopping trip with my family, so I went out, completely nervous for every waking moment as I was out. I came back hours later and sprinted onto the computer. I pressed the refresh button and... ...I passed! A gigantic wave of ecstacy (liek, not the pills guyz olol) went through my body and I kept on smiling! Me?! Passing the portal?! It was some crap score like 1.9, or maybe even 1.8, but I passed!

The haunting memories of my portal heartbreak emerged every new flash I put through, and it took a LOOOONG time for me to be sure that my flash passed before I submitted it.


Now why am I telling you this? Getting past the portal was a challenge, and it really did separate the willing from the lazy. People worked hard, getting rejected again and again to get their flash through, improving their skills as much as possible. The lazy would give up and just keep on watching flash.

Now, I've returned to this site recently and I started B/P'ing for the first time in two years, and I voted with many two's and 0's using my old standards of voting that were about 95 percent accurate.

Upon returning, I have been in complete shock at the absolute crap that has been let through:
-A lyrics video for a Sonic song that was made in a TRIAL version of a non-flash software. This person has done about five more of these vids, and they have all passed. Before the redesign/new ranks, this would've gotten below 1.
-Several 20 second-length fbf animations that look like someone's doodle for about 30 minutes. It probably would've gotten below 1.
-A ten second stick fight. It surely would've gotten below 0.6.

If I want the B/P points, I'd have to blam maybe a 4th of the stuff that is submitted. I remember when the number of blams in a day was much bigger than the number of passes. (Or I'm pretty sure at least)

And to top this off, this kind of crap is invading the top 5. A thirty second sprite animation that back in the old days, might've very well been blammed got fifth place. Animationless cripe with 'amusing' audio scoops up a daily 4th. I'm not saying this happens all of the time, but it's like ratings for flash animation have been megaboosted. You can even see it with the top submissions. A 4.2+ was uber super-rare back in da day, but now some tweened sprites in essentially, a completely uninspired flash will be placed in the top 50.

I think what used to happen is the stat-whores and the long-timeys with an appreciation for animation and its goodies actually had a stranglehold on what makes it through the portal. N00bs with 1-ish voting power would vote 5 for 'OMG IT'S (insert character here)' and 0 because 'omg this song sux0rs' but then realise that their voting patterns didn't get them b/p protect points, and might've learned to vote more on the merit of the qualities of the animation and not just on the inclusion of some badly drawn character/popular thing. And then as their voting power increases, they vote more responsibly and all is good. Now it's like some inclusionist frenzy with only the truly horrible stuff getting blammed.

I mean, more stuff passing isn't necessarily a bad thing, there's a lot more reviewers and a lot more people telling you they like your flash if they like it, but it's just that getting a flash past the portal doesn't have the same value as before. Also, some people's voting habits are a bit bonkers.

Any comments, disagreements, flames, etc. go down here, please post yer thoughts. If you bothered to read what I wrote, please say because it's probably an achievement.


2008-10-18 02:00:38 by Hoogiman

i has a unicorn